By Kirsten Moana Thompson

The facility and presence of dread in fresh American cinema.

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Bowden (a prosecutor) is witness to rape and testifies against Cady. Bowden is witness to rape. Mother and daughter alone on houseboat as bait. Cady rapes American woman. Imprisoned for eight years. Cady rapes Australian woman during W. W. II. Spends thirteen years in jail. Mother witnesses death of dog. Director: J. Lee Thompson Screenplay: James R. Webb Author: John D. MacDonald No houseboat. 1. Principal Differences between Book and Films Bowden strikes Cady with a rock, but he dies by drowning.

Dread is also connected to a presentiment about the future, or an inchoate feeling that the future is in some way foreordained; it is “a certain presentiment [anelse][that] seems to precede everything that is to happen, but just as it can have a strong determining effect, it can also bring a person to think that he is as it were predestined” (Kierkegaard, Journals, 1, 38). Kierkegaard insisted that even though we have a predisposition to sin, we nonetheless always have a (terrifying) choice. In other words, the anxiety produced by radical freedom in which our future depends only on our own choices and actions can also produce a compensatory response of predetermination, a feeling that the future is not frighteningly open after all, but reassuringly preordained by God.

And later describes Danny as “always a firecracker on the Fourth of July. ” Like the original in which Cady stalks the family in a bowling alley, Cady haunts the Bowden’s recreational time together. He watches the family at an ice-cream store from across the street, forcing the family to move inside, but when Sam looks again, Cady has vanished into the traffic that obstructs Sam’s point-of-view shot. Later, under the pretense of returning the collar of the family dog he has poisoned, Cady gets a closer look at Leigh.

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