By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength Survival

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Phoenix ahoy! Anybody! Help--' Paulo stood up too and slapped Amber across the face. She came to an abrupt halt and stared at him with a mixture of shock and anger. ' 'Sorry,' said Paulo. ' yelled Amber, and she slapped Paulo back. 'You were doing the mad shouting,' said Paulo, rubbing his cheek. ' 'But, there is no-one to hear,' said Paulo, sweeping an arm to indicate the empty sea all around them. Amber sighed. 'We're low in the water, which means we can't see very far - and the Phoenix could be just over the horizon--' 'No, she couldn't,' said Alex, tapping his watch.

Croaked Alex, forcing himself to take a few more strokes before floundering to a stop. 'There's always a fuse . ' He blinked the stinging seawater from his eyes and looked over his shoulder to see whether he was clear of the breaking wave. He groaned. All that effort and he had hardly moved. It was as though he had been treading water. The wave still towered over him, even higher now. It was a solid slab of black water, except at the top where there was a frayed edge of white foam. The wave had reached its crest and was beginning to curl over.

Li - Expert in martial arts and free-climbing, Li can get to grips with most situations . . Paulo - The laid-back Argentinian is a mechanical genius, and with his medical skills he can patch up injuries as well as motors . . Hex - An ace hacker, Hex is first rare at code-breaking and can bypass most security systems . . Amber - Her top navigational skilk mean she's rarely lost. Rarely lost for words either, rich-girl Amber can show some serious attitude . . Cast adrift and marooned on a desert island somewhere in the Indonesian Archipelago, these five must learn to work at a team in order to survive.

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