By Predrag Cicovacki

The philosophy of Albert Schweitzer has proved largely influential in glossy considering, in particular within the box of ethics. His major moral notion could be summarized within the word "reverence for all times" - particularly, that stable is composed in retaining and perfecting existence, and evil is composed in destroying and obstructing lifestyles. For Schweitzer, all lifestyles is sacred. Ethics hence bargains with human attitudes and behaviour towards all residing beings.Unlike many ethical philosophers, Schweitzer argues that wisdom of human nature doesn't supply a adequate beginning for any enough ethical idea. this is why he bases his ethics on a lot broader foundations, articulated in his philosophy of civilization and the philosophy of faith. Schweitzer argues that the cloth point of our civilization has develop into way more vital than its religious counterpart. Even geared up faith has positioned itself within the provider of politics and financial system, thereby wasting its energy and ethical authority.Schweitzer's ethics of reverence for all times, argues Predrag Cicovacki, deals a achievable substitute at a time whilst conventional moral theories are stumbled on insufficient. Schweitzer's powerful and un-dogmatic idealism could supply the easiest antidote to the existing relativism and nihilism of the postmodern epoch. His moral imaginative and prescient directs us towards a brand new approach of creating a extra simply and extra peaceable global. amassing 16 of Schweitzer's most well known essays, this quantity serves as a compelling creation to this notable philosopher and humanist.

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He expected that this natural world would very speedily come to an end and be superseded by a supernatural world in which all that is imperfect and evil would be overcome by the power of God. But this form of world- and life-negation found in Jesus is different from that of India. Instead of denying the material world because its gaze is directed 36 a foundation of the ethics of reverence for life to pure Being, it only denies the evil, imperfect world in expectation of a good and perfect world that is to come.

Its greatness and its goodness pretend to be self-sufficient, whereas they ought to put themselves at the service of that general ethical perfection that, in accordance with the preaching of Jesus, one may call the Kingdom of God. These values of civilization possess genuine ethical worth only to the extent that they do serve this end. But the abandonment of the mighty striving for perfection of the world, a striving that was so very passionately intent upon achieving its goal, has brought about a weakening of our religion and our ethics.

The problems that occupied the Greeks still concern the most modern philosophy, and contemporary skepticism is essentially the same as that which found a hearing in classical thought. Because of the fact that Jesus expressed his worldview in the primitive metaphysics of late-Jewish apocalypticism, it is exceedingly difficult to translate his ideas into our modes of expression. The task is simply impossible so long as one tries to go about it by separating the permanent from the transitory in detail.

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