By Glen Keane

Для детей, начинающих изучать английский язык, детская книга для самостоятельного чтения. История маленького енота Адама, покинувшего родной дом ради своей мечты - выступления в цирке. Но быть звездой цирка всегда - невозможно, и вот, енот решается на побег... каким будет его возвращение домой?

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As a stitched and sedated Rajeev lay on his bed, a silent Mr. Saxena sat watching his son's face intently. Rajeev was a sight to see. His nose was bloody. One eye had already closed while the other stood out in the centre of a dark bruise. A cut on his cheek showed up 58 red and angry while a split lip exposed what looked suspiciously like a dangling tooth. " Mr. Saxena had roared, pain and anger blazing through his eyes. "You, Papa. "Strangely enough, Mr. " His wife had nodded back in assent.

They are both offtrack. They put on such an act of loving me, of being 30 the concerned parents. Would someone tell them that all their concern is a waste if they cannot get along with each other? That I need to feel wanted and secure, not like a toy that is being pulled apart by two brats? I do not have any friends in the immediate neighbourhood. Thank God for that, or I would die of embarrassment. Half the neighbourhood can hear their quarrels. I feel several pairs of eyes boring into my back as I go about.

Mr. Khanna patted Ambar's head affectionately, while Mrs. Khanna wiped her eyes. Ambar's cup of happiness was full. This was the real prize that he had always craved for—not the prize or the scholarship—but that his parents be proud of him. Hema Shankarnarayan The day had started badly for Subbu. First of all, he was late to school. He missed the bus and had to go by an auto. Which was quite okay except that he could not collect his homework from his friend in Class V B. Miss Dominic was a nice teacher, though very strict.

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