By Margaret Mahy

A suite of imaginitive and funny tales offers with an uncle who loves to discuss his adventures, a trip from Aunt Nasty, the kinfolk witch, a lady who doesn't have a kite to fly on Kite Saturday, and different occasions

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We are circus men looking for our lion, " said one of the men. 'The wicked, ungrateful animal has run away," said the fat man. " He cracked his whip. At the sound of the whip the big yellow cat leaped out, roaring furiously. Mrs. Bartelmy's big cat was a lion! "You aren't to chase this lion," said Mrs. Bartelmy. "He's a halffierce, half-friendly lion, and he's my shipmate. " exclaimed Mrs. Bartelmy. She took the spade to a secret corner of her sunflower garden and dug up her chest of pirate treasure.

A his moment later they were up in the air, Mrs. Rose pointing her broomstick in the direction of Miller's Hill. Already the bare place at the top of Miller's Hill was bustling and rustling with witches lots of witches. They had lit a huge fire and were standing around it, some with cats and some with solemn owls. When Mrs. Rose and Nightshade glided down among them they were quiet enough, except for the usual witch noises such as muttering, cackling, and wicked screaming. But in the next moment there was scratching and scrambling and shouting, for, at — 41 the sight of Nightshade, the cats put out their claws, puffed up their fur, and shot off in a whirl of off into the shadows and up trees.

She exclaimed. But the Head Witch had whisked off hastily to talk to some other pupil not nearly as clever as Mrs. at — Rose. " muttered Mrs. Rose, for there was something she hadn't told the Head Witch something she hadn't even thought about, — something that meant, perhaps, that she could never ever be a true witch and dance at the Witch Dances. " she cried 1 to Mr. Rose. "Cat's fur makes sneeze my head off. 1 won't be able to go, and 1 would like to, having gotten so far. " "Get a dog instead, " suggested Mr.

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