By William Burt Pope

Brian J. Abasciano President of the Society of Evangelical Arminians has known as this the simplest Arminian Systematic theology ever written.

This is the third of three volumes written in 1889

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But St. John again and again speaks of this love as perfected in us:3 that is, as accomplishing its perfect triumph over the sin and selfishness of our nature, and its separation from God, which is the secret of all sin and self. In him verily is the love of God perfected:4 this ensures its being individual, and contains the very utmost for which we plead. The love of God, as His mightiest instrument for the sanctification of the spirit of man, is declared to have in him its perfect work. The Verily rebukes our unbelief and encourages our hope.

Montanism in the second century was a system based on the delusion that the Holy Ghost, as the Paraclete, was not given to the Apostles but was reserved for a third dispensation. Montanus claimed, to be the prophet or apostle of this new revelation, which raised the Church to a higher perfection, and made its true members the Spiritales or Pneumatici, whereas before they were only Psychici, or the Carnal. This enthusiast aimed rather at a stricter external discipline than at the establishment of any systematic doctrine of personal sanctification, and therefore his fanaticism only in an indirect way concerns our present subject.

3 Though the perfect copying of the Lord's example is not exactly a condition, it is a close concomitant, of the perfect effusion of the consecrating Spirit. In all three cases the indwelling of God by the Spirit is the efficient cause, while OBEDIENCE, CHARITY to man, and the IMITATION OF CHRIST are the three-one condition. Love is the channel for imparting and the instrument for producing love: FROM 4 LOVE TO LOVE answering here to St. Paul's from faith to faith. We have, however, to do simply with the evidence afforded, that the consecration of love is a conditional process.

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