By Carolyn Wells Dal

This e-book is an illustrated model of a rhymed alphabet made by means of Carolyn Wells in 1901. She felicitously reveals anything very important approximately Christmas for every letter of the alphabet. here's a series to offer an idea of its style: "E is for Evergreens reduce for the room / F is for vegetation of beautiful body spray / G is for presents that convey us pride / H is for Holly with purple berries bright".In 1989 we illustrated each one rhyme with an old picture, together with illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Sarah Stilwell, Jessie Willcox Smith, Oliver Herford, Anne Anderson, and Charles Robinson. It used to be released with nice good fortune via G.P. Putman. we love it quite a bit that now that they've placed it out of print, we're republishing it.

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